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Many salon owners over the past few years have purchased sub standard tattoo removal machines via the internet, mainly direct from China as they appear cheap and they usually are, in more ways than one. They then find that the laser is of low or poor quality and is not powerful enough to treat their clients effectively and efficiently, also there is no training available.

Without these it is impossible to obtain public liability and treatment risk insurance to allow you to carry out tattoo removal and operating without insurance is illegal.

It is important that when you are considering purchasing a tattoo removal machine that your supplier is able to provide you with the correct training courses and assessments required to become a laser operative.

The Spectrum tattoo removal system is manufactured to a very high specification, using only the highest quality materials and components available, ensuring reliability. By using advanced laser technology and a superior cooling system our hand piece is capable of 1,000,000 shots before it needs replacing. This is more than double the amount that other machines are capable of.

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